Toledo Bend-April

1st Place-    Lewis Ashbey and Buddy Warren 14 fish 35.16 pounds

2nd Place-  Norman Leblanc and Troy Lebouef 13 fish 33.91 pounds

3rd Place-   Tie Dickie Pecoraro and Kenny Babin 12 fish 27.39

3rd Place-   David LaClair and Justin Freyou 8 fish 27.39 pounds

Big Bass-     David LaClair 6.06 pounds

Toledo Bend- March 

1st Place-  Toby Begnaud and Kenny Babin 17 fish 36.39 pounds

2nd Place- Chad Babineaux and Eric Smith 14 fish 33.96 pounds

3rd Place-  Buddy Warren and Paul Mouisset 13 fish 33.33 pounds

Big bass-    Buddy Warren 4.94 pounds


Indian Creek- February 

1st Place-  Chad Babineaux and Dickie Pecoraro 4 fish 11.85 pounds

2nd Place- Nick Taylor and Denny Swartz 4 fish 10.30 pounds

3rd Place-  Buddy Warren and Jimmy Sinitiere 5 fish 9.70 pounds

Big Bass-   Chad Babineaux 6.57lbs