May-Lake Fork

1st Place  - Jim Gamble and Jeff Menard 14 fish 34.78lbs

2nd Place - Buddy Warren/Holden (grandson) 11 fish 32.52lbs

3rd Place  - Peter Borne and Paul Mouisset 11 fish 31.00lbs

Big bass   -  Jim Gamble and his Brother David Gamble tied 7.00lbs

                                 April-Toledo Bend

1st Place  - Lewis Ashbey/Buddy Warren 46.22lbs

2nd Place - Dickie Pecoraro/Mike Trahan 38.66lbs

3rd Place  - Kenny Babin and Denny Swartz 35.46lbs

Big bass   -  Toby Begnaud- 6.25lbs


                                 March-Toledo Bend

1st Place  - Toby Begnaud and Kenny Babin 34.27lbs

2nd Place - Buddy Warren and Paul Mouisset 31.08lbs

3rd Place  - Dickie and John Pecoraro 20.58lbs

Big Bass   - Toby Begnaud- 5.19lbs



                              February 2021-Fausse Point

1st  Place  - Jim Gamble and David LaClair 5.07lbs

2nd Place  - Toby Begnaud and Norman LeBlanc 4.79lbs

3rd  Place  - Kenny Babin and Jeff Menard 4.39lbs

Big  Bass   - Kenny Babin 3.30lbs