November 2020 - Bayou Benoit

1st Place - Kenny Babin and Dean Babineaux 10 fish 20.58lbs.

2nd Place - Dickie Pecoraro and Vic Segura 10 fish 18.46lbs.

3rd Place - Denny Swartz and Chris Vedrines 10 fish 16.86lbs.   

Big Bass  -  Kenny Babin 4.44lbs.


                                  October 2020 - Amelia

1st  Place -  CJ Monlezun and Ray Loupe 9 fish 18.32lbs.

2nd Place -  Kenny Babin and Dickie Pecararo 8 fish 9.38lbs.

3rd  Place -  Norman Leblanc and Jeff Menard 6 fish 8.88lbs.

Big  Bass  -  Dickie Pecararo 3.75lbs.


                                 September 2020 - Amelia

1st  Place  -  Dickie Pecoraro and  Billy McCarty 10 fish 26.20lbs.

2nd Place  -  Lewis Ashbey and Buddy Warren 10 fish 20.96lbs.

3rd  Place  -  Toby Begnaud and Jeff Menard 7 fish 14.01lbs.

Big  Bass   -  Dickie Pecararo 4.44lbs.

                          August 2020-Benoit/Myette Point

1st  Place - Buddy Warren and Jacob Vincent  21.20lbs.

2nd Place - Dickie Pecoraro and George Beridon  17.51lbs.

3rd  Place - Lewis Ashbey and Justin Freyou  16.09lbs.

Big  Bass - Tie - Buddy Warren and Dickie Pecoraro  3.00lbs.

                                    July 2020 - Myette Point

1st Place  - Paul Mouisset and Norman LeBlanc 10 fish 19.08lbs

2nd Place - Lewis Ashbey and CJ Monlezun  7 fish 16.33lbs

3rd Place  - Dickie Pecoraro and Denny Swartz 7 fish 12.01lbs

Big bass   -  CJ Monlezun 3.19 pounds

                                July 2020- April make up Henderson

1st Place  -  Lewis Ashbey and Frank LeMoine 10 fish 17.70lbs

2nd Place -  Buddy Warren and Suzette Warren 10 fish 16.45lbs

3rd Place  -  Kenny Babin and Paul Mouisset 8 fish 13.66lbs.

Big Bass   -  Toby Begnaud 3.00lbs.


                                   June 2020 - Lake Fausse Point

1st Place -  Frank LeMoine and Paul Mouisset 6 fish 9.44lbs.

2nd Place- Jim Gamble/Ellis Reed 6 fish 8.89lbs.

3rd Place - Toby Begnaud and Norman Leblanc 5 fish 6.44lbs.

Big bass  -  Frank LeMoine 2.88lbs.

                                     May 2020 - Lake Fork

1st Place  - Paul Mouisset and Peter Borne 13 fish for 48.87lbs.

2nd Place - Kenny Babin and Justin Freyou 11 fish for 34.45lbs.

3rd Place  - Buddy Warren and Holden Bodie 11fish for 32.14lbs.

Big Bass-    Paul Mouisset- 8.25lbs.

April 2020 postponed

                                  March 2020 - Toledo Bend

1st Place  -  Lewis Ashbey/Steve Hutchinson 17 fish 49.84lbs.

2nd Place - Jim Gamble/Mark Landreneaux  14 fish 42.02lbs. 

3rd Place  - George Beridon/Brad Beridon 13 fish 39.96lbs.

Big Bass   -  Buddy Warren 7.63lbs.

                                   February 2020 - Indian Creek

1st  Place  - Kenny Babin and Andy Melancon 6 fish for 9.45lbs.

2nd Place  - CJ Monlezun and Jeff Menard 4 fish 9.01lbs.

3rd  Place  - Buddy Warren/Blake Warren 4 fish 8.43lbs.

Big  Bass   - Cj Monlezun 3.44lbs.